Privacy Policy

Our company is a registered platform for buying and selling of food. Our services are to connect food sellers to their customers in one place. When you use any part of our website or mobile app you accept the website’s terms and conditions and our privacy policy. If you don’t accept any of our terms and conditions, you must no stay on the website or use any of our services. We may modify or update our terms and conditions at any time and you will immediately be subjected to the updated terms and conditions.

  • You will need an account for using the services of this website. You will need to submit some of your personal information while registering. Please read the privacy policy to learn about how we use your data. You choose a username and password while registering and you are responsible for all activities under this username. We take steps to protect information as required by law. However due to the nature of internet, we cannot guarantee security and the data you provide, you do so at your own risk.
  • You must of at least 18 years old in order to purchase any food items. You must be aware that you may need to verify you age with a valid ID when picking up or receiving certain food items that any person under 18 is not allowed to consume by law. The seller is responsible for sale of products and you must clearly understand that Krazy Bazaar is NOT selling them; Krazy Bazaar is only a platform for sales of food products. You must be aware that it also illegal for any person over 18 to purchase or try to purchase alcoholic products on behalf of a person under the age of 18.
  • If you pay using credit or debit card, some restaurants may require you to displace the card when picking up your order. Your order will not be processed unless the payment is authorized. If you receive a confirmation email or message, this does not always mean that the seller has accepted your order, they may reject an order due to circumstances and you will be notified when an order is rejected and the full amount will be refunded to your account, depending on your bank or card issuer the refund can time and we will not be liable for such delays. You will also be notified when an order is ready for pickup or delivery via the contact details you have provided us. Please verify your information before you confirm an order as once the order is placed no corrections are allowed. You cannot pay by cash for an order that is to be delivered to you. If the seller has set a minimum order amount, you order must cost the minimum amount or more. The displayed price is chosen by the seller and may or may not include taxes and delivery charges, please contact the seller for further verification.
  • If the order hasn’t been delivered in time you may contact the restaurant directly. If the delivery is made by us it is our responsibility to deliver your purchase. However, you must acknowledge that the estimated delivery time is only an estimate and is not a guarantee. You may also contact our support using the help section. You are advised to provide any complaints or appreciation as reviews and ratings. In case you want a refund or cancel you order, you must contact the restaurant or chef and it is up to the seller to accept or decline your request, we have no control over it. We may assist you in contacting the seller but the seller is solely responsible for any refund due to any circumstances.
  • You may not use any copyrighted material on this website except what you are permitted to. All material on the website belongs to the website owners other than those with copyright statement. You may not use any material permitted to use for personal or non-commercial use for any commercial purposes, including usage and storage without the required permissions. All rights on this website are reserved with the exception of what’s expressly granted.
  • Your actions while on this website and using our services must not breach any national or international laws. You also must not commit any acts such as hacking or spreading malware or viruses nor should you invade privacy of other user/s or impersonate them or commit any acts of misuse of the website. Any material you post, upload or submit to this website must not be any unauthorized advertising, contain fraudulent, defamatory, offensive or obscene content or any content that encourages violence and racism. We have the right to remove any content or visitor material that violates these terms. You also agree to be liable for compensation of any breach to these terms resulting in damage or loss to us or any of our sellers. You also agree that you will fully cooperate in revealing anyone involved in breach of above statements and terms.
  • The website maybe temporarily unavailable without prior notice or alerts.
  • You acknowledge that we are not responsible for links to any third party website. Once you access other websites you are subject to their terms and conditions and privacy policy, so you must do so at your own risk; we do not sponsor the websites nor are in any way responsible for their content and access.
  • You are allowed use the link to this website under certain conditions. That you do it in fair and legal manner, ensuring our reputation is not used for you advantages or any damage caused to us. That the linking complies with our visitor material and content policies. We reserve the right to remove permissions for use of our website link without any notice at any moment.
  • You acknowledge that we may change any of these terms and condition at any time without notice.
  • Information about food and health warnings (e.g. allergy) is provided by the seller and we are not responsible for any liability arising for lack of information or wrong information. It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure the information is provided with integrity and accuracy. The seller is also solely responsible for his/her or its actions and any negligence. Therefore, we don’t guarantee the quality of any product.
  • You agree that most of the communication with you will be digital that is through emails or SMS, and you accept that this form of communication is in accordance with requirement of written communication by law.
  • Our liability does not exclude liability for personal injury or death or any liability that results from our actions, misinterpretation or fraudulent activity or any negligence or omission that is obliged as per the national law, Australian consumer law. This liability excludes data loss of software corruption, any business losses such as revenue or sales and any other losses or damages not resulting from any negligence or breach. You are also fully responsible for any additional costs incurred by use of this website. You acknowledge that you will hold Krazy Bazaar and its employees, owners or any other affiliated person or organization or company free of any liability of any damages, demands, fees and claims arising from the breach of these terms or the law by you or your action.
  • Our liability also excludes any inability to perform any obligations, delay in any service that is caused by any event beyond our control that can be a natural cause such as bad weather or natural disaster or other causes such as fire, riot, terrorist threat or any event arising from government action or restriction, or any event resulting is disconnection of telecommunication, blockage of roads or railways, etc. However we will put our efforts to extend our time to deliver services or find other solutions to such events.
  • Any violation or breach of the above stated terms gives us the right to terminate your right to access this website and any of its services.